Friday, 29 June 2007

Talks and Workshops 2007

  • CP Zawiya, Seville (January - March) "Materials Development for CLIL"
  • IES Fidiana, Cordoba (January - March) "Classroom Language and Activities for CLIL"
  • St. James School, Seville (January) "Integrated Skills" "Project Work"
  • Junta de Andalucia, Seville (January) "Practical Activities for CLIL"
  • APAC, Barcelona (February) "Content-Focused Material for the ELT Classroom" (sponsored by Mary Glasgow Magazines)
  • El Carmen, Cordoba (March - May) "Teaching English in Pre-school" (10 hours)
  • TESOL-Spain, San Sebastian (March) "Cross Curricular Resources for Primary and Secondary"
  • Oxford Teachers' Academy, CROATIA (March) "Trouble with Teens", "Dealing with Diversity", "Pick up your pens, and WRITE"
  • Oxford University Press Spain (March - May) "First Cycle: Everything you Need to Know", "Making the Most of Stories" (talks given in Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Malaga, Caceres, Santander)
  • Junta de Castilla-La-Mancha, Alcazar de San Juan (March) "Practical Activities for CLIL"
  • ELEIN, Malaga (April) "Making Connections: Teaching and Learing Across the Curriculum"
  • Oxford Teachers' Academy, TURKEY (April) Plenary at TED International, "Making Connections"
  • GRETA, Granada (April) "CLIL in the Classroom"
  • CETA, Cordoba (May) "Projects Across the Curriculum"
  • Oxford Teachers' Academy, POLAND (May) "Making the Most of Pre-school"
  • Summer School in Soko Banja, SERBIA (July) "Making Memorization Fun and Easy", "Conversational Grammar", "Reading Awareness", "Trouble with Teens" "Practical Activities for CLIL"
  • Oxford Teacher's Academy - SERBIA (August) "Introduction to Teaching Young Learners", "Vocabulary and Dictionaries", "Speaking"
  • English Language Institute (September) "Making Connections"
  • CEP OSUNA (November) "Preschool and 1st cycle"
  • OUP DAY SERBIA (November) "Starting off well, finishing off well"
  • CEP CORDOBA (November) "CLIL and New Technologies in Secondary"
  • CEP CORDOBA (November) "English in 1st cycle Primary" (Active Learning, New Technologies, Stories)

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