Tuesday, 28 February 2012

APAC 2012

Wonderful day in Barcelona at another great event organised by the APAC team. The handout from my talk (Creating Curiosity in the Classroom) is available on the OUP blog: http://blogxfordspain.wordpress.com/
Thanks to everyone from OUP for their help and support and to the teachers for their enthusiasm in the session :) 
For more information on APAC visit: http://www.apac.es/elt-convention/

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Oxford Magazine - February Issue

 This month's issue includes ideas on how to use SONGS and MUSIC in class, ideas for CARNIVAL and VALENTINE'S DAY, interivews, articles and a new GOING BILINGUAL section. Hope you enjoy it! 
Click here.
 February issue

Poland February 2012

Huge tour of eastern Poland with Ewa. Incredible polar cold front with highs of -16 and lows of about -30!!! Great groups, great teachers!