Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Brazil July 2009

Brazil tour was WONDERFUL. Started off in Salvador da Bahia which was great :) Muito obrigada to Patricia, Ana Carla and the organisers of the ACBEU conference. Fantastic groups in Porto Alegre for the OTA course and it was wonderful working with Nancy Lake, Tim Ward and the local OUP team! The course in Recife ran smooothly and the groups were really participative :) Eduardo took Tim Herdon and I on a great tour of Olinda and out for 'acaraje' :) The groups in Rio were fantastic...very active teachers with excellent ideas! Lovely dinner one night by the sea at the foot of Sugarloaf mountain with Carlos and incredible night life and samba in Lapa with Janaina!!! Last day in Rio fantastic day in Urca, Santa Teresa, Boto do Fogo (Samba concert) and Lapa with my friend Andre :)

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