Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Brazil July 2009

Brazil tour was WONDERFUL. Started off in Salvador da Bahia which was great :) Muito obrigada to Patricia, Ana Carla and the organisers of the ACBEU conference. Fantastic groups in Porto Alegre for the OTA course and it was wonderful working with Nancy Lake, Tim Ward and the local OUP team! The course in Recife ran smooothly and the groups were really participative :) Eduardo took Tim Herdon and I on a great tour of Olinda and out for 'acaraje' :) The groups in Rio were fantastic...very active teachers with excellent ideas! Lovely dinner one night by the sea at the foot of Sugarloaf mountain with Carlos and incredible night life and samba in Lapa with Janaina!!! Last day in Rio fantastic day in Urca, Santa Teresa, Boto do Fogo (Samba concert) and Lapa with my friend Andre :)

Some links that might be useful:
Education Oasis Graphic Organizers
About Learning: 4MAT
General information on Tetramap

How to do free-writing (and how to use free-writing as a pre-writing task)
Word Shapes Activities (from ABC Teach) (Holistic word recognition)


Passado, Presente, Futuro. said...

Hello Nina,

I just loved your blog! I think I will "visit" it a lot from now on...
Thank you for sharing a little bit of your work and energy with us here in Brazil. Hope to see you back to Porto Alegre next year!

Dalel said...

Hi Nina,
I want to thank you for all the amazing sessions last week at OTA in Porto alegre, they were really interesting, all the info was simple and direct. Hope to use them ASAP in class.
Dalel H. Moura

CEP Córdoba said...

Hola Nina,
Alucinante tu blog y tus visitas por todos los lugares del mundo. Qué envidia!!!

Que disfrutes de tu verano pues te lo mereces!!

A big hug,
Pilar Torres

Jimmy said...

Hi Nina!
It's me, Jimmy from OTA Recife!
I just came here to tell you I learned a lot with you throughout the course. You are also a very friendly person.
Hope to see you again soon.

ERIK said...

Dear Nina,
How are you?
I`ve talked to Janaina (my friend and co-worker) and we`ve been wondering how we can translate TETRAMAP into Portuguese. Moreover, would you mind sending us other sites with examples of Tetramap and its usage in an English class? I mean, we`ve seen the site you posted. However, we still have some doubts about it.

Regards, Erik and Janaina

ERIK said...

Dear Nina!
It`s me again!
I know you`re very busy right now, but if you have time would you mind sending me the photos you took during your sessions?
Remember I told you that after the meeting, Janaina and I are supposed to give our school a feedback and we need some photos to share the moments we had with you and the others.
Thanks a lot.
Here`s my email:

Chiew said...

Great blog, Nina. Perhaps you'd care to take a look at mine. It's new, but I'm working hard at it so that by the time next school year starts, it'll be in full swing! ;-)

Pamela said...

Hola Nina - aren't Brazilians great? I met a few in New York and am planning a visit in September to Curitiba. Tenho de praticar o meu português! Big hug, Pamela

Anonymous said...

Hi there Nina..
Thanks for all your help!!! Great activities!!!
Tomázia and Martha