Thursday, 29 May 2008


  • Espasa -- Author of activities for Aprender Ingles con Dancing English; ISBN: 978-84-670-3472-1
  • Online activities for 8-10 year olds for English Language Institute, Sept. 2010
  • ELI Publishing Co-author (with Magaly Villaroel) of PANDY THE PANDA (series of books for very young learners) (2010)
  • Cengage Learning Pedagogical Advisor for ESO (December 2008)
  • Go Ahead 3 (co-author Workbook (with Cristina Quincy, Robert Quinn and Marilyn Miller)), Stanley Publishing, 2008
  • My World 3 (Pedagogical Advisor for CLIL) Editorial Luis Vives (Edelvives) 2008
  • Projects Across the Curriculum (author), (photocopiable CLIL resources), Mary Glasgow Magazines/Scholastic, 2006 ISBN: 9781904720812
  • Hello Teddy, Teddy’s Train A y B Teacher’s Books, (collaborator), Oxford University Press, 2006
  • Super Summer and Simple Summer Workbooks, (co-author) (activity book and teacher’s notes), Richmond Publishing, Madrid, 2006
  • On-line resource material (activities for flashcards and readers) for secondary courses, Richmond Publishing, 2005
  • Storytellers 1, Storytellers 2, (co-author), Richmond Publishing, Madrid, 2004 (with Andrew Wright)
  • Teacher’s Book - Storytellers 1, (co-author), Richmond Publishing, Madrid, 2004
  • Zoom 1 (co-author), Zoom 5 (collaborator) and Zoom 1 Teacher’s Book (author), Richmond Publishing, Madrid, 2003
  • New Happy Days 3 and New Happy Days 4, (collaborator), Richmond Publishing, Madrid, 2001
  • Happy Days Small 1 and 2, (collaborator), Richmond Publishing, Madrid, 2000
  • Good Times 3 and Good Times 4, (collaborator),Richmond Publishing, Madrid, 1999
  • Resource Pack, Good Times 3, (collaborator), Richmond Publishing, 1999

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

CLIL Science for Primary (from OUP)

Oxford Science Content for Primary - 3 & 4 by Robert Quinn

Science Activity Books for the new LOE Conocimiento del Medio syllabus.
For cross-curricular and CLIL classes and for primary bilingual programmes.

Powerpoint Presentations and Weblinks for CLIL Primary Classes

Set of powerpoint presentations for CLIL primary classes (9 -13 year olds).

Weblinks for CLIL classes:

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Seminar on Bilingual Education (Oviedo, Asturias)

"Seminario regional de apoyo a la enseñanza bilingüe" organised by the CPR in Oviedo. Thanks to Gilberto for a wonderful tour of the town and to Gregorio for his CD full of useful resources and information :)