Friday, 22 January 2010

Talks and Workshops 2010

  • OUP Kiev (Nov 2010) "Literacy for Little Ones", "Incredibly Easy and Motivating Activities"
  • Edelvives / CEIP "ANTONIO GARVAYO DINELLI" (Motril) (Nov 2010) - CLIL in the Classroom
  • CFIE Miranda de Ebro (Nov 2010) 30 hour CLIL Course
  • NORTHERN CYPRUS (Sept 2010) Phonics, Whole Learning, Skills Work, CLIL
  • POLAND (August 2010) Making Digital Sense: Change at your Fingertips
  • BRAZIL (July 2010) OTA Course Fortaleza, Goiania, Brasilia and Rio
  • CEP Palma de Mallorca (June 2010) CLIL for ESO and Primary (15 hours)
  • CEP Sevilla (Spring 2010) Series of CLIL talks in CEIP Jose Maria del Campo
  • SLOVENIA (April 2010) "Writing", "Brain Based Learning", "Songs", "Assessment", "Projects"
  • YEMEN (April 2010) "Reading: Getting Started"; "Teaching the Whole Child"
  • UKRAINE (March 2010) "Building Blocks for Better Writing"
  • POLAND (March 2010) "Making Vocabulary Meaningful and Memorable"
  • CEP Aracena (Feb 2010) "Language and Literacy"; "CLIL"
  • CROATIA (Split, Osijek, Rijeka, Zagreb, Varazdin) (Feb. 2010) "Bringing the Real World Into the Classroom", "Great Minds Don't Think Alike"
  • OUP Bilbao, "ICT: Changes in the Classroom" (Jan. 2010)
  • CEP Cordoba, "Key Competences", "CLIL" (Jan-Feb)
  • CEP Sevilla, "ICT in the Classroom", "Language and Literacy", "CLIL" (Jan - Feb)
  • Badajoz/Don Benito/Seville/Jerez - "Making the Most of Stories" (Jan 2010)

Monday, 4 January 2010

CLIL non-fiction readers

OUP have just published some very interesting non-fiction readers for CLIL classes (or as extra reading for English class). The books come with incredible photos, an audio CD and fantastic activity pages. To get copies, contact local OUP reps (Read and Discover series) or look for titles on amazon. My good friend, Robert Quinn wrote some of them :)