Friday, 22 January 2010

Talks and Workshops 2010

  • OUP Kiev (Nov 2010) "Literacy for Little Ones", "Incredibly Easy and Motivating Activities"
  • Edelvives / CEIP "ANTONIO GARVAYO DINELLI" (Motril) (Nov 2010) - CLIL in the Classroom
  • CFIE Miranda de Ebro (Nov 2010) 30 hour CLIL Course
  • NORTHERN CYPRUS (Sept 2010) Phonics, Whole Learning, Skills Work, CLIL
  • POLAND (August 2010) Making Digital Sense: Change at your Fingertips
  • BRAZIL (July 2010) OTA Course Fortaleza, Goiania, Brasilia and Rio
  • CEP Palma de Mallorca (June 2010) CLIL for ESO and Primary (15 hours)
  • CEP Sevilla (Spring 2010) Series of CLIL talks in CEIP Jose Maria del Campo
  • SLOVENIA (April 2010) "Writing", "Brain Based Learning", "Songs", "Assessment", "Projects"
  • YEMEN (April 2010) "Reading: Getting Started"; "Teaching the Whole Child"
  • UKRAINE (March 2010) "Building Blocks for Better Writing"
  • POLAND (March 2010) "Making Vocabulary Meaningful and Memorable"
  • CEP Aracena (Feb 2010) "Language and Literacy"; "CLIL"
  • CROATIA (Split, Osijek, Rijeka, Zagreb, Varazdin) (Feb. 2010) "Bringing the Real World Into the Classroom", "Great Minds Don't Think Alike"
  • OUP Bilbao, "ICT: Changes in the Classroom" (Jan. 2010)
  • CEP Cordoba, "Key Competences", "CLIL" (Jan-Feb)
  • CEP Sevilla, "ICT in the Classroom", "Language and Literacy", "CLIL" (Jan - Feb)
  • Badajoz/Don Benito/Seville/Jerez - "Making the Most of Stories" (Jan 2010)