Saturday, 19 April 2008

Holland 2008

Oxford Teacher Development Day in Utrecht :)
Fantastic, participative teachers and great venue.

Here are some websites from the ICT talk that might come in handy:

- Tutorial on how to start a BLOG (click on blog)
- Starting a blog using BLOGGER
- Headway web link worksheets with WEBQUESTS

- Cross-curricular WEQUESTS (and others)
- Business and ICT CARTOONS
- Powerpoints and slide shows from SLIDESHARE
- Tutorial for Windows MOVIE MAKER

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Hungary 2008

Unforgettable trip to Hungary. Talks on Canadian Culture in Visegrád and Veszprém. Visits to Budapest, Szentendre and Lake Balaton. Many thanks to IATEFL Hungary, the Canadian Embassy, the University of Veszprém and Dorottya Szabo.
Watch the VIDEO of the trip (click on video)