Friday, 29 June 2007

Talks and Workshops 2005

  • TEA, Gran Canaria (January) “Skin Deep – The Changing Face of Spain
  • British Council (Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Seville) “Breaking Down Barriers”
  • CEP Córdoba (March) “Culture and Internet”
  • CEP Tenerife (April) “Resources for Primary”
  • Richmond ‘Weekend’, Valencia (May) “Diversity in the Classroom”
  • GRETA, Granada (September) “Nature and Numbers”
  • IES Cabrera Pinto, Tenerife (September) “Speaking in Bachillerato”
  • TEFL International (October, December) “Games” and “Classroom Management”
  • Colegio Luther King,Tenerife (October) “Bilingual Education”
  • Saint James’ School, Seville (November) “CLIL Communication Games”
  • BLS Language School, Seville (November) “Classroom Management”

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