Friday, 25 March 2011

Latvia and Bulgaria March 2011

Wonderful visits to Riga (with Jeremy Bowell) and Sofia (with Shaun Wilden and Olha Madylus)
:) Thanks to Dace, Milena and the OUP/Bookshop staff :) The explorers and I had a great time!

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Vanya Eftimova said...

Hello Nina,
I was at the OUP conference in Bulgaria and immensely enjoyed your session - probably because I mainly teach teenagers and adults and whenever I come across a group of children I find myself out of my depth. Anyway, you made me think about some very obvious ways to involve young learners in class.
BTW you said you would put the Powerpoint presentation online in your blog and I tried to find it but couldn't. Could you please provide a link or send it to my email -
Thank you again!