Sunday, 24 May 2009

Switzerland (Bern and Zurich) May 2009

Wonderful couple of days in Switzerland :) Workshops for primary teachers on Saturday with Mary Slattery and 'bear' (for more info, click HERE)!! Thanks to Jayne and Jennifer and, of course, to the teachers who were very active and participative :)


Patrick Jackson said...

Hello there. I met the bears too. Aren't they cute!
Enjoying your blog.

Patrick Jackson said...

Hi Nina,

Thanks for dropping by...YES there is a potato called Nina! She's the one who likes shopping! She's also the star of the book "Good Friends". You can see the video of the book here.

A Spanish teacher, Luz did this translation for me.

Good friends talk to each other
- Los buenos amigos hablan entre ellos
Good friends listen to each other
- Los buenos amigos se escuchan el uno al otro
Good friends play together
- Los buenos amigos juegan juntos
Good friends lend things
- Los buenos amigos se prestan cosas
Good friends share things
- Los buenos amigos comparten cosas
Good friends help each other
- Los buenos amigos se ayudan entre ellos
Good friends give presents
- Los buenos amigos se regalan cosas
Good friends care
Have a great day! It's sunny in Dublin for a change.